FCJ 117 – Digital Audio Programming

General Resources

Course Outline – may change some small details and we can tweak it together over the semester.

Homework #1 – one page about a figure form the history of electronic music

Homework #2 – 32 bar piece using ten original synth sounds and four different types of effects. Upload completed files to https://www.myotherdrive.com/files/#/544.052522.02042012.35033.6a6ady/homework2 you can write to this directory but can not change or delete files once they are uploaded.

Homework Assignment #3 – make a synthesised arrangement from a midi file downloaded from the net.

Homework assignment #4 – choose from several options for this final synthestration assignment. Due 5th June 11:59pm

Synthesis Resources – (google document that anyone can edit. Please try to keep things in the general headings provided, but feel free to add a heading if you need to)

Making Synths from scratch – more detailed background on making synths using Logic Pro

Logic – Effects Notes – some notes on some of the various effects available as inserts in Logic

DIY Synth Templates – example logic file