FCF102 – Fundamentals of Sonic Art – Rodney Berry

This is your landing pad for this unit. Current information will be found here rather than the UTAS MyLO page (which will only have an outline of the module for reference.

You can email me via this form.

Please note: My uni account is sometimes unreliable so please use the above form for any emails just to be safe.

Course Outline – (pdf document) please read this, especially the stuff about attendance and lateness of assignments! To pass, you have to at least turn up and hand in the work. I’ll be putting a lot of things online but it is not a distance-learning course.

Initial surveyplease fill this in in the first session of this unit so I have as clear a picture of who you are and what you need. Then I can tweak the course materials accordingly. I’ll be using these little questionnaires throughout the unit as part of the assessment process and just to see how you are going.

Practice… I will be teaching you some particular skills that will require some practice on your part to master. You need to treat this as you should a second-study instrument and put in some time each day, especially the Pure Data software – otherwise, you won’t be able to keep up. Don’t be too scared by that though. It’s not that hard – although you are welcome to make it hard! 🙂

Links and Resources  – interesting things and links you can add to. There are links that students found last year to get things started but this is a shared doc that you can each set up a section and contribute …


Assignment 1 due July 22nd

Details here : please add comments on the page if you have questions to clarify what you need to do etc.

Assignment 2 due August 20th

Details here (make a music machine in Pure Data)

Assignment 3

Sound map of Sullivan’s cove area using Google Maps. This is a collaborative project and you are marked based on your participation. I’m putting off the due date until we can go out and collect more sounds/video – this will be done when we go through the pieces for Assignment 4.
Link to the Final Sound Map (you can share this with friends)

Assignment 4

Details Here  Make QR codes for four short compositions made especially for particular locations around Sullivan’s Cove.  Due Sept. 9th