This unit introduces a number of themes within the broader field of Electroacoustics.

Lecturer: Mr. Rodney Berry

Contact Link <—- please use this link as my university account is unstable as is the case for most casual staff-members. For this reason, we will not be using the university’s MyLO system for this module but will use various other online tools outside the university.

Initial Survey

follow this link and fill in the survey if you haven’t already.

Open Doc for This Module

follow this link to a google-document that you can edit (be careful because I’m also letting you all delete stuff! If you want to add to other people’s text in here, it’s best to use the comments instead) Also, take a look at the cool stuff we found link from last year’s Foundations of Sonic Art class as there are some great resources and very strange things.

Handbook Blurb:


This unit introduces students to the development and practice of electroacoustic instrument building and performance throughout the 20th Century. The unit will cover key developments in the theory and practice of electroacoustic music and provides a basis for understanding and exploring the application of these ideas. Students will learn to construct electroacoustic instruments and exploit the latent sonic possibilities of consumer electronics and acoustic environments. Students will then apply this knowledge in the creation or performance of live, recorded or installation works.

WEIGHT: 12.5%

ASSESSMENT: Written assignments 40% (2 x 10% 1000 word formative, 1 x 20% 1500 word end of semester) Portfolio of Unit Projects 60% (2 x 15% formative projects 1 x 30% final project)

TEACHING PATTERN: 2 x 90 minute workshop/lectures weekly.


NEW! Assignments timeline

Weekly Breakdown…

Week 1 – introduction

Week2 – Introduction to Pure Data

Week 3 – excursion to tip shops to collect things for circuit-bending

Week 4 – Circuit-Bending – setting of first written assignment (due March 27th)

Week 5 – (broken up by Easter break) Pure Data:  Working with Live input – Setting first folio assignment (due April 16th)

Week 6 – Video: Surfing the Sonic Sky microtonality

Week  7 – project work and arduino intro

Week 8 – W2 Written Assignment  1500 words Due 7th May

Week 9 – F2 Folio Assignment Due 14th May

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13