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In the Domain of The King 2004
A malfunctioning museum exhibit from the year 2021 commemorating a tragic global outbreak of Elvis impersonators. UTS gallery Spikes exhibition curated by Jaqueline Bosscher.

Bass Stream sketch 2011
A study in display of multiple data streams. Bassist, Tim Barrass wears an acceleration sensor on his bowing hand. The sound waveform becomes a stream of particles from the centre of the screen, ‘blown’ in different directions by the movements of the bowing hand. The sound wave/particles reveal video of the player.

Seals 2012
Visualisation of several months of data gathered by packages attached to Antarctic elephant seals. Intended as a graphical score for live improvising musicians. Part of a collaboration with artist, Nigel Helyer and the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies.

DesignAR 2008
Prototype augmented reality authoring tool for artists – developed by Rodney Berry.
A more advanced version of this tool will be put to heavy use during this residency.