Presentation and Promotion Documentation

Links to video etc. for ozco

Included as an example of score made from data.

Live excerpt from the “Vox on the Rox” concert at the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music Recital hall, 2012. The work resulted from Nigel Helyer’s artist residency at UTAS Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies.

This excerpt shows an animated graphical score made by Rodney Berry based on data gathered from instrument packages attached to southern elephant seals in the Antarctic.

Bass: Nick Haywood
Piano: Andrew Legg
Guitar: Glen Hodges
Saxophone: Alistair Dobson

2D graphic score from the same concert (inspired by lie detectors and their role in the ‘search for truth’)

Included to give some sense of Palle’s language as an improvising performer.

Palle Dahlstedt and John Tilbury on augmented pianos

Palle Dahlstedt – Duo Pantomorph in concert