Kinect colored smoke test

kinect colored smoke test – 2-player from Rodney Berry on Vimeo.

See? It’s more fun with a friend.

I’m messing with Kinect in TouchDesigner.

The right hand’s Z location in world space controls the size of the colour patch but the x y location is tracked in screen space so it stays consistent along the z axis (otherwise it would be in real-world distance vertically and horizontally which would change in terms of screen locations.)

The left hand moves up and down to change the hue; left and right to control value; forward and back to control saturation of the colour.It also works with two people.

At the moment, the left hand u and v locations are tracked relative to the screen but it would make more sense to have them relative to each player’s torso then the colour changes would be consistent for a gesture no matter where each player is at the time.

sometimes it loses track of the second player but that might be the small cluttered space and the difference in sizes.

the compositing gives the difference when both smoke trails intersect.

Now I’m open to suggestions as to how to make this more of a game with cooperation and competition, negotiated territory etc.

I’m also planning to control a synthesiser with the parameters from both skeletons.



About Rodney Berry

An artist, musician and technologist working with computers and augmented reality for creative expression.
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