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Kinect colored smoke test

I’m messing with Kinect in TouchDesigner. I promise a 2 -player version tomorrow. Just wasn’t anyone still awake to share with 🙂

The right hand’s Z location in world space controls the size of the colour patch but the x y location is tracked in screen space so it stays consistent along the z axis (otherwise it would be in real-world distance vertically and horizontally which would change in terms of screen locations.)

The left hand moves up and down to change the hue; left and right to control value; forward and back to control saturation of the colour.It also works with two people.

At the moment, the left hand u and v locations are tracked relative to the screen but it would make more sense to have them relative to each player’s torso then the colour changes would be consistent for a gesture no matter where each player is at the time.

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